The Main Idea

This blog is dedicated to images portraying a theme. The first theme is “Reflections.” One of the things that I love about being a photographer is searching out and discovering other artists. Thus, in addition to posting the themed photographs here, I will be searching out and posting the work of other artists whose work compliments this theme as well.

April 26, 2010

This week I picked up some shifts at my “on call” job.  That being the case, blogging this week is going to be tricky.  I already missed yesterday.  Anyhow, when we were at the Seattle Center I caught a reflection of the Science Center Arches and would like to share those with you.

© April 26, 2011. Rachel Crick. Denver, CO All Rights Reserved.

Featured Artist

Over the weekend I was at the Seattle Center.  The Experience Music Project is on the same grounds as the Seattle Center.  The EMP has a new exhibit featuring the “memorabilia celebrating the music and history of Seattle grunge luminaries, Nirvana. The exhibit features rare and unseen artifacts and photography from the band, their crews and families. Nirvana: Taking Punk to the Masses runs April 16, 2011 – April 22, 2013.” – from the EMP website.

Enough said. 

{Nirvana exhibit / by Victoria VanBruinisse}

April 24, 2011

The sun is reflecting through the clouds in this image. But that’s not the reason I chose this image for today.  It was taken Easter morning at the sunrise service at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado.  When I first moved to Colorado it was one of the first places I went – after all U2 played there. (Hello U2 Live at Red Rocks anyone?) Every year they have a non-denomination Easter sunrise service, hundreds of people attend to celebrate Easter together, and it is such a  beautiful thing. No featured artist today – I’m enjoying the holiday with my family.  Blessings to you and yours.

© April 24, 2011. Rachel Crick. Denver, CO All Rights Reserved.

April 23, 2011

The sun made an appearance today in Seattle!  It was SUCH a beautiful day.  Perfect in many ways!  Today’s high was 66 degrees, which after 55 and rainy for months felt so good.  A friend of mine and I took a gaggle of pre-teen girls to see the Justin Bieber Laser Show at the Pacific Science Center.  It was so nice that after the production we spent some time enjoying the weather and the World Music Festival that was going on at the Seattle Center.  When I saw the Space Needle reflected in my friends sunglasses, I made her stop so I could capture the reflection. You can see how blue the sky was and the perfect day in her glasses.  You can also see me if you look close enough! I sure hope tomorrow is nice, I’m ready for a change in the weather pattern.

© April 23, 2011. Rachel Crick. Seattle, WA All Rights Reserved.

Featured Artist

The featured artist today is Laser Ivan. He is a laser artist that creates most of the shows you see at the Pacific Science Center’s Laser Dome.  The Laser Dome at the Science Center is the oldest in the country.  They do live laser art work, so while you are watching they are creating.  It’s truly amazing.  This video, which was produced by cohorts of mine in the MCDM program, explains how the laser shows are created.  It’s really interesting! Justin Bieber Laser is all done, but Lady GaGa is coming up soon, and you should check it out!

April 22, 2011

This photo was taken at the Japanese Gardens in Denver, Colorado.  Very peaceful, and serene!

© April 22, 2011. Rachel Crick. Denver, CO All Rights Reserved.

Featured Artist

This piece is titled “Sakura – Made To Order – fabric flowers asymmetrical choker style necklace.” The artist has a blog, Little Blue Studio but it hasn’t been updated for a while.  My favorite quote from her about page is “I am sure it’s genetic…if I do not make something every single day with my hands I will expire.”  Her work is available on etsy here.

YUKIKO - sakura  - Made To Order - fabric flowers asymmetrical choker style necklace

April 21, 2011

This photo was taken using a Canon F1 film camera.  It was taken with slide film, and then the film was processed in “regular” film chemicals.  The process is called “Cross Processing” It results in the images having a different color than one would imagine. When you shoot with Fuji slide film, the print will have a more greenish tint.  Kodak comes up more orange.

This photo reminds me of a broken promise. It was a window in an old house left over from settler days.  Abandoned in the Rocky Mountains, the house sat by its self, alone.  Windows broken, doors off hinges,  and empty.  A reflection of what it used to be.

© April 21, 2011. Rachel Crick. Rocky Mountain Range, CO All Rights Reserved.

Featured Artist

Caresh Walker of Soulpurl 77 is a stained glass artist based in Philadelphia. He uses bits and pieces of all types of things in his work, from broken records to post cards to printed materials and more.  I love all the different media he incorporates into each piece. This is art that is always one of a kind, and unique.

 SoulPurl 77 Design

April 20, 2011

The Communications building on the University of Washington Campus.  I took this photo this fall, when I was beginning my masters program with the MCDM.  Now it’s in full swing, and I’m about half way done.  This was one of the photos that made me start thinking about reflections.  I thought it was cool to see the historic building in a puddle surrounded by leaves.  Inspiration for a blog, and voila!  Here we are….

© April 20, 2011. Rachel Crick. Seattle, WA All Rights Reserved.

Featured Artist

Cardwell Architects and the Suzzallo Library

The University of Washington is home to many beautiful old buildings, but my favorite is the Suzzallo Library.  It is a stunning building, with beautiful architecture. Sweeping staircases, stained glass windows, and a stunning reading room.

April 19, 2011

Today I am going to post two images, because they both need to be shared in order to tell the story correctly.  The first is a reflection of a culture. This is 5 Pointz.  It is “an outdoor art exhibit space in Long Island City, New York, considered to be the world’s premiere “graffiti Mecca,” where aerosol artists from around the globe paint colorful pieces on the walls of a 200,000-square-foot factory building.” When I saw this building I was in awe.  Surrounded by art that told stories, spoke a thousand words, a million colors splashed on the walls of this old factory – it was truly breathtaking.  A true reflection of hip hop culture.

© April 19, 2011. Rachel Crick. Long Island City, NY All Rights Reserved.

This second photo was taken the same day.  I almost missed it, I was leaving the area when I spotted the artist.  Sitting quietly, sketching in his book, creating something.  Was he working on something that would one day grace the walls, or was he sitting and being inspired by the art surrounding him? I saw him sitting there, in a part of the building that was indented a bit, absorbed in his creating, he was so absorbed, he didn’t even know I was there.

© April 19, 2011. Rachel Crick. Long Island City, NY All Rights Reserved.

Featured Artists

Seattle has it’s own version of 5pointz.  The Georgetown Wall is a space that artists can use to express themselves through graffiti legally.  The wall has been open for artists to use since 2007.   Scratch Master Joe helped organize the project at it’s conception, along with fellow Seattle artists  SPECSONE, Weirdo, Humor, Kiloe,  Solace, and 179.  I have yet to see this wall, it came to life while I was living outside of Seattle, but I do believe I will be making my way to Georgetown soon, so I can get a look at it myself.  The photo below was taken by Michael Hipple for an article on

Georgetown Graffiti Wall(Photo by Michael Hipple)

April 18, 2011

Technically, April 18, 2011 was yesterday.  I wrote up this post, and then got distracted and forgot to hit  “update.” I didn’t realize that was what I had done, until I looked at my facebook page and saw I hadn’t mentioned my blog. So I’m posting yesterdays and posts today. That being said, yesterday’s post is going up now and today’s post later.

I took this shot in Ballard, Washington.  If you look closely you will see it is a person looking over the edge of a bridge at the water below.  I like it because it’s kind of abstract, but you can still see what it is.  Looking at water always helps me relax, I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I grew up in Seattle, but when I feel troubled or disconnected a trip to a quiet solitary beach where I can hear the waves brings things into perspective for me.  The abstract sometimes becomes clearer.

© April 18, 2011. Rachel Crick. Seattle, WA All Rights Reserved.

Featured Artist

Sassy rain drop chandelier earrings with blue quartz, Argentium sterling silver

Jewelry By Tomomi

These ear rings are called the “Sassy rain drop chandelier”  How pretty there are, they sparkle and dance like raindrops do!  Check out this artists shop here.

April 17, 2011

I took this photograph today during a portrait shoot on the edge of Lake Washington.  The sun coming through the clouds and reflecting on the water took my breath away.  Everyday that I live here, I am grateful for the water that surrounds me.  Beautiful.

© April 17, 2011. Rachel Crick. Seattle, WA All Rights Reserved.

Featured Artist

Susan Najarian Art and Design.

Recently, my family made a trip to Vashon Island to check out a lighthouse.  We took a ferry from Seattle to Vashon, and then drove out onto the island.  We stopped and enjoyed the local commerce, checking out stores filled with art, antiques and sundries.  The first little spot we stopped at had some paintings that looked just like Susan Najarian’s work.  Susan’s etsy page says she lives on a little island near Seattle, so I have to wonder if this is the same artist.  I remember checking out the work in this store and thinking it was really cool how the artist used wax to paint, amazing!  Susan’s blog is pretty neat as well, check it out here.

White Sand Beach  - Original Encaustic Painting

April 16, 2011

My fiance calls me simple. I say enjoy the simple things in life. The way your child looks while sleeping, the scent of rain in the air, cloves simmering in a pot of soup, a song you love to sing along to on the radio,  a call from an old friend, lemonade on a hot day, and the sun reflecting off dew drops on a delicate flower.

© April 16, 2011. Rachel Crick. Vail, CO All Rights Reserved.

Featured Artist

Blythe Bostock has been a friend of mine for many years.  Her paintings are simply beautiful.  I let my daughter pick her favorite painting by Blythe.  She chose “Grannysmith,” a lovely still life. Blythe’s other paintings are simple yet complex.  Some include familiar images and some make you ponder.  I hope you’ll stop by and check out her work, it’s fantastic, just click here.

Granny Smith

April 15, 2011

It’s been a long week, my little one had strep throat, the house is in disarray, I have tons of laundry to do, homework, photoshoots…..I’m tired……  Tonight’s featured photograph was taken at Club Libby Lu, a place where little girls got to dress up in frilly outfits and have their makeup and hair done.  It no longer exists, but my daughter loved it when it was around.  It was such a thrill for her to look all grown up…. In addition to my long week, I have a red bump on my face, an esthetician told me it’s from hormone imbalance, and a doctor will have to remove it.  In other words, I’m getting old.   My daughter is pushing and begging to get older, and I’m slamming on the brakes.  Don’t hurry little girl, the time comes soon enough.

© April 15, 2011. Rachel Crick. Seattle,WA All Rights Reserved.

Featured Artist

D Black is a Seattle emcee who is headlining his last show tomorrow (April 16, 2011).  He came onto the scene after I had headlined my last performance in Seattle, so I hadn’t heard of him til my fiance sent me this video.  After watching it, I thought – woah – this guy’s got it.  I figured I’d get around to seeing him perform once I got settled in Seattle, but truth be told I haven’t been to a show since I’ve moved back.  Now he’s retiring.  This morning my fiance and I were talking about why artists retire at their prime.  He said, “I think a lotta people “retire” from music because the grind can be excruciating and/or they feel underappreciated. Others, reconciliation is a real issue depending on how deep their faith is.” I agree with him, and I hope that this retirement brings nothing but D Black blessings.  This article is a brief glance into why D Black is retiring.  Good luck D Black, I wish I could have seen you perform.

April 14, 2011

Reflection: A fixing of the thoughts on something; careful consideration.  Take some time today to reflect on something that is important to you.  Too many times an entire day, week, or month goes by without taking time to make careful considerations.

© April 14, 2011. Rachel Crick. Denver, CO All Rights Reserved.

Featured Artist

Dublin, Phoenix Park aka 'on thoughts'

Vladimir Longaue, a photographer based in Dublin, Ireland.  I love this photo, it looks like it is straight out of a dream. I would like to walk through this park, while reflecting on my day.  One day maybe I will visit Dublin and find this park. His other work is just as wonderful. Check out his website here.

April 13, 2011

I have been documenting the birth’s of children for several years now.  The importance of these photographs is monumental.  We document every important occasion in our lives. Birthdays, graduations, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, but the birth of a child is seldom documented.  Every time I photograph the arrival of a new human being into this world, I think this is it.  This is what I want to do.  It is an amazing and wonderful moment to be a part of.  Time and time again I have had families who have chosen to have me document the birth of their child tell me how priceless these photos are.  The decision to have the moment captured forever is so important.  Imagine being able to look back and reflect on a time that takes forever and then goes by so quickly it’s done in a moment……..

© April 13, 2011. Rachel Crick. Lancaster, PA All Rights Reserved.

Featured Artist

After the baby is born, you’ll need to to get him or her a gift.  And what better gift than a two headed doll? Devout Dolls is a Seattle based doll making company.  The dolls that they create are all one of a kind.  Each face is hand painted, and made to order. Devout Dolls creates a ton of really interesting dolls, from the two headed babies to octo-babies to two headed forrest creatures.  Super cute, very unique and a must have for kiddos and adults alike! Devout Dolls is also on facebook, and etsy.

April 12, 2011

For our fifth anniversary, my fiance and I went to Lancaster County.  I had always wanted to go and see the way to people lived in Lancaster.  Turns out, it was not what I had hoped.  It was more commercial than I had imagined.  While there were horse and buggies on the road, and people hanging their clothes out to dry – it seemed to lack the simple things I had imagined.  We paid to go on a tour of a working farm, the people working on the farm and directing the tour said they didn’t mind if we took their photographs, which seemed odd to me.  After all I had heard about making sure not to take photographs of the Amish, them saying they didn’t mind made no sense.  Why would they just shrug off something that is so sacred? I took this photo of the gentleman who gave us the tour of the working farm, but even as I took it I felt guilty.  They believe that photographs violate the Biblical commandment, “Thou shalt not make unto thyself a graven image.” As a documentary photographer, it is my job to document what I see around me, but it is also my job to respect the cultures I enter into.    Is it ok to take a photograph of someone if they announce during the tour I paid for that taking photographs is perfectly fine? I have reflected on this many times since taking this image.  I didn’t take photographs of any other people while I was in Lancaster, permission granted or not.

© April 12, 2011. Rachel Crick. Lancaster, PA All Rights Reserved.

Featured Artist

When my mother was growing up she spent a lot of time with her Grandmother who we called Gaugie. Gaugie did a lot of cool things, she taught in one room school houses all over the United States, in really cool places.  She taught school in Mississippi during segregation, and she taught The Hutterite’s in Washington State.  My Mom spent time on the Hutterite Colony with Gaugie, and told me lots of stories about her time there.  This photograph makes me imagine my Mom playing with the other children on the colony.  One day I would like to go to the colony where my Gaugie taught, and see if people still remember her. You can read about the Hutterites here.

Hutterite Print - Frühling Begrüßen / Welcoming Spring by Josie Hofer

Josie Hofer, artist.

“Josie Hofer is from Green Acres Colony (Manitoba) and is the oldest of 5 siblings. She teaches math and German at the colony school, and enjoys hobbies that include painting, drawing, quilting, gardening, and reading.”

April 11, 2011

My daughter has strep throat.  We spent the wee hours of the morning in the hospital.  What feels better on a soar throat….ice cream, or a warm drink.  I think you could go either way. Today’s image was take at Cafe Flora.  It is of their wonderful cranberry cider. Cafe Flora is an amazing restaurant in Seattle’s Madison neighborhood.  They embrace an eco-friendly philosophy, are involved in the community and create “cutting edge, dynamic vegetarian cuisine.” They also have plenty of gluten free items, which is wonderful.  I originally took this photograph as a gift for a friend, I love the reflection from the window on the surface of the tea. There were several versions of this image, I took photos of the cup of tea from different angles, but this is the one that came out the best.  I believe that it is the reflection from the window that makes the picture special.  It’s reminiscent of sitting in  a coffee shop, close to a window, talking with friends or taking time to reflect.

© April 11, 2011. Rachel Crick. Denver, CO All Rights Reserved.

Featured Artist

Crow Haven - fine art photography print, autumn theme, small

Image copyright Amanda Collis 2010 ; all rights reserved.

“Crow Haven – fine art photography print, autumn theme, small”

This lovely piece is by UK artist Amanda Collis.

Amanda’s description of the work: “From a series taken this autumn in my kitchen using daylight, reflection, refraction and moving water dripping into an old patinated metal baking pan. The whole series can be viewed here on flickr.”

You can view her portfolio on line here.

April 10, 2011

Every time I check out facebook I see Seattle folks talking about Macklemore.  Macklemore is a Seattle emcee, with an established and growing fan base.  Today I learned that he and Ryan Lewis performed a Dave Niehaus tribute song, “My Oh My,” on Mariner’s Opening Night. There was some controversy a few weeks back when Mix-A-Lot appeared with Macklemore on stage at the Showbox in March.  “Members of the Northwest hip-hop community reportedly took issue with Mix’s apparent anointing of a white rapper to the Seattle pantheon.” – City Arts Magazine. Check out the whole City Arts article here.

I caught up with Macklemore when he came through the Denver area.  We’d planned on doing a full photoshoot, but I ended up running out of time. He was hungry so we stopped in a little Mom and Pop joint across from the theater where he was performing that night.  So I took some photos while he was eating.  I wish we would have had more time to work together, I think we could have done some cool stuff.   Funny thing is, Macklemore was the last artist I photographed before moving to Seattle…..and I haven’t photographed another one since.

© April 10, 2011. Rachel Crick. Denver, CO All Rights Reserved.

Featured Artist

Macklemore’s video “The Town” hit home for me.  The first time I saw it, I loved it.  Nice beat, great lyrics.  Sure I saw plenty of familiar faces in the video, friends, former colleagues, acquaintances.  Macklemore reminisces about events that I was a part of, helped organize, attended.  More than that though, he talks about Seattle and the hip hop community with pride and that is what made me love this song.  Macklemore’s got a blog – you should check it, and his music out.

April 9, 2011

Masta Ace was one of the first artists I photographed when I decided I wanted work with recording artists.  I stopped by a video shoot for Marco Polo and Masta Ace while I was in New York a few years ago and introduced myself to Masta Ace. He was very gracious and said it was ok to take a few portraits of him.  The photo of Ace inspired artist Son Duong, and he painted a version of the image I took.  It is a reflection and a featured artist all in one.

© April 9, 2011. Rachel Crick Photography. Brooklyn, NY All Rights Reserved

Featured Artist

Son Duong is a Seattle based artist and designer.  You can learn more about his art, his clothing line, and his life on his blog.  He has created several interpretations of my work, and I hope that one day we will do a show together.

© April 8, 2011. Son Duong. Seattle, WA All Rights Reserved.

April 8, 2011

Take time to reflect. This image can be read several ways, the unknown path or the path that has already been taken.  Tonight I see it as the later.  I got engaged this fall, tonight was my engagement party and I went around the table explaining my relationship with the guests.  I reflected on this on the way home.  I had known almost everyone of my 20 guests for at least a decade.  What a wonderful group of friends I have, the stories told tonight were anecdotal, and told with gusto.  It was a wonderful evening full of reflections.  Now I have the path of marriage ahead of me, I look forward to reflecting on decades of a wonderful marriage years from now with the same friends by my side.

© April 8, 2011. Rachel Crick Photography. Denver, CO All Rights Reserved.

Featured Artist

Todays featured artist is Cedric Ross of Ana Them Records, and the Fred Roth Review.   Cedric is one of the friends who came to my engagement party this evening, but more than that, he and I have been friends for over twenty years.  He is an amazing bass player, has an incredible sense of humor and knows how to put on a great show.  Check out Cedric’s video below, and the Ana Them Records website here.

April 7, 2011

I am a photographer’s daughter.  It’s strange how often I take a picture only to have my Father tell me, “I took a photo like that once.” Then he will share his image with me, and the resemblance will inevitably be eerily similar.  I am a reflection of my Father, and my daughter a reflection of me in some ways.  People often say she is a mirror image of me, a mini me.  Of course she hates that.  We spent the afternoon in Mukilteo today, and I watched my little mini me as she gazed out at the Puget Sound, thoughtful and lost in her own thoughts.  She may look like me, and right now may even have my mannerisms, but she will be coming into her own soon. She will stop living in my shadow, and create her own reflections.  For now she is content splashing in puddles.

© April 7, 2011. Rachel Crick Photography. Seattle, WA. All Rights Reserved.

Featured Artist

Today’s featured artist is my Dad, Jerry Crick.  One of my earliest memories is the smell of dark room chemicals.  My Dad used to take me to the darkroom, I loved stepping into the round door that spun slowly around and revealed a room with strange dim lights, and a wonderful smell.  The chemicals used in the darkroom were toxic.  My Dad worked with these chemicals for years, and there is a chance that these chemicals injured my Father.  He has a condition called Multiple System Dystrophy, this condition makes it difficult for my Dad to take photographs these days, but it doesn’t stop him.  Digital photography is a blessing, photographers no longer are exposed to harsh chemicals; their biggest concern is carpel tunnel. My Dad won awards for his photography, he sees the beauty in the littlest things. His passion for photography is contagious, and I caught the bug.  He is an amazing man, a calm and nurturing soul, giving and kind.  And a talented photographer. You can purchase a book of his images here, and follow his blog here.

© April 7, 2011. Jerry Crick. Seattle, WA All Rights Reserved.

April 6, 2011

This is one of my favorite images, I love how the petals from the tree float in the water alongside the reflection of the tree.  I also love how the colors look like they are melting and swirling in the reflection, it’s just so simple and complex at the same time. It was taken at a botanic garden in Denver, Colorado.

© April 6, 2011. Rachel Crick Photography. Denver, CO All Rights Reserved.

Featured Artist

Lather and Lotions “English Garden Rose Soap Kit” Be an artist yourself, create something that will make you feel happy and smell good too!  This little kit makes six soaps, and look how cute they are.  It’s like the petals from my photograph fell onto their little soaps. Super sweet! Check out Lather and Lotions here.

English Garden Rose Soap Kit

April 5, 2011

© April 5, 2011. Rachel Crick Photography. Seattle, WA All Rights Reserved.

This photo was taken at a park behind the Ballard Locks.  There was a large puddle at the top of some stairs that went down to the water, and the reflection caught my eye.  While spring has arrived on various trees around the Seattle area, it had yet to spring on this tree.

Featured Artist

Ruby Garden Twig Bracelet

This sweet bracelet is called “Ruby Garden Twig Bracelet” and it is featured on a website called sweetfindings4you, there is also an etsy shop for this artist that you can find here.  Darling jewelry featuring hints of nature, at affordable prices. The description of the bracelet is below.

“This garden bracelet features an antiqued brass twig with a matte satin finish. Adorned with an vintage green glass lily blossom and a green glass leaf, the twig stands out beautifully. For the wristband I used shiny glass melons in a beautiful ruby shade to highlight the garden theme even more. The bracelet measures 7″ and is adjustable with a 1.25″ extender.”

April 4, 2011

© April 5, 2011. Rachel Crick Photography. Seattle, WA All Rights Reserved.

88 Keys is a producer who has worked with Kanye West, Mos DefTalib KweliMacy GrayMusiq Soulchild and more. A few years ago he was on tour with Dilated Peoples and I caught up with him in Boulder, Colorado.  We hit a record store – of course. Check out 88 Keys blog here.

Featured Artist

© April 4, 2011. Rachel Crick Photography. Seattle, WA All Rights Reserve

Today’s featured artist is DJ DV ONE.  DV is an incredibly talented DJ.  He is one of the founder members of Red Bull Big Tune. “Red Bull Big Tune is the nation’s premiere head-to-head producer battle and education outreach program established to showcase the musical talents of emerging as well as established music producers.” He has a series of podcasts showcasing his work as a DJ.  His latest is in memory of R&B singer Nate Dogg who recently passed away.  You can access his podcast here.

April 3, 2011

© April 3, 2011. Rachel Crick Photography. Seattle, WA All Rights Reserved.

Today I did a photoshoot with a family I hadn’t seen in almost twenty years. It’s a great story….let me tell you. Several weeks ago I ran a group coupon deal on Living Social, after the deal ended I started getting emails from new clients.  One email was from a gentleman asking if I had worked at KISW in the past, and I had!  Turns out that his wife had as well, as a matter of fact – I had given this couple a gift of wedding photography courtesy  of my Father when they had married close to twenty years ago.  It was great seeing them and meeting their family today – and their boys were my willing subjects when I asked them to pose infront of this puddle.  I wanted to see if I could capture their reflection in the puddle, and I did!

Featured Artist



In 2009, an anonymous artist created several paper mache sculptures and left them in Gasworks park.  They were called “guerrilla” art, public art that was installed without a permit from the city. Along with the sculptures was a wooden plaque that was inscribed, “Anew is gifted to the citizens of Seattle in the spirit of awakening. Each of us has shells to break through, parameters to look past and wills to exercise. Arise and stand and then start moving.”

April 2, 2011

© April 2, 2011. Rachel Crick Photography. Seattle, WA All Rights Reserved.

Author Todd Craig and I had a blast walking around Philly taking photographs.  This one is one of my favorites.

Featured Artist

Todd’s book tor’cha is a work of art in itself.  Todd is a talented and creative author.  A brief description of tor’cha:

“The only time a conversation ends is when a life is taken. I’m the direct connect that lends the extended ghetto pass to anyone. And after the hood nods its head, and lets you through its entrance, then you gotta put down the other guard …nah, them Muslim dudes, I be seeing what they do on the News… Leave that home… If you take this roller coaster ride with me, I will strap you in and take you through it. You get to live at the end.”

tor’cha is available on Amazon


April 1, 2011

© April 1, 2011. Rachel Crick Photography. Seattle, WA All Rights Reserved.

High above Denver, in the Rocky Mountains is a cluster of towns.  Fairplay, Jefferson, and the infamous, South Park.  The small town of Fairplay lies within the borders of South Park.  It is home to a historic downtown area with buildings that have been preserved from the Gold Rush era. This image was taken inside one of the homes open for visitors to explore.

Featured Artist

Sweet Sunset abstract painting on glass painting stained glass sundown twilight colorado rocky mountains -- Karla Nolan

“Sweet Sunset abstract painting on glass painting stained glass sundown twilight colorado rocky mountains.”

This painting of the Rocky Mountains was done by Karla Nolan. The beautiful colors, and the way they move together are stunning. You can view Karla’s work here.

March 31, 2011

© March 31, 2011. Rachel Crick Photography. Seattle, WA All Rights Reserved.

Railway Bridge reflected in a window of the Guard House at the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, Seattle.

Featured Artist

© March 31, 2011. Rachel Crick Photography. Seattle, WA All Rights Reserved.

Salmon Waves

Paul Sorey -A Public Works artists, Paul’s work is featured in many places including the park at the Hiram M. Chittenden locks.  His work can be seen here.

March 30, 2011

© March 30, 2011. Rachel Crick Photography. Como, CO All Rights Reserved.

Clouds reflecting in a window beneath an American Flag.  Como, Colorado

Featured Artist

30% Off Sale -Sometimes I Wonder - Art Print 8x10

Sometimes I Wonder – Art Print 8×10

Photographic Art Print. Size: 8″ x 10″ image size printed on 8.5″ x 11″ paper.

This wonderful print can be found in donnageissler’s Etsy shop.

March 29, 2011

© March 29, 2011. Rachel Crick Photography. Seattle, WA All Rights Reserved.

Sun streaming through the trees and reflecting on the water at Golden Gardens – Seattle.

Featured Artist

REFLECTIONS. vintage glass jewel earrings

REFLECTIONS. Vintage glass jewel earrings.

Vintage black diamond glass jewels in antiqued brass setting with matched antiqued brass lever-back earrings.

These beautiful earrings are featured on PlastiCouture‘s Etsy shop.

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